Acadmy Programs: Academy Nominations and Elections

Academy Nominations and Elections
The Academy Nominating Committee is comprised of 10 members elected by the membership; eight elected on the national ballot, the immediate past president, and the Academy CEO serving in an ex/officio capacity. The main responsibility of the committee is to identify future Academy leaders and to annually prepare an official ballot for nationally elected officers using the skill sets and qualifications established for each position.
In order to ensure a leadership that is representative of the membership, the committee has developed a nominations process that allows for submission of nominations at any time during the year. In addition to the yearly nominations process, the committee has established an ongoing leadership database to identify individuals for positions. 
Voting in national elections occurs every year from February 1 through February 15. The Academy website link for national voting is Members can e-mail questions, comments and nominations to  More information about the nomination and election process; including committee members, campaign guidelines, and position skill sets and qualifications can be found online at
Affiliate Call to Action
Affiliate leaders are critical to the success of the nomination/election process leading to a viable future for the Academy and profession. The committee acknowledges that affiliates identify leaders in their organizations who are potential future leaders of the Academy through the nominations process. 
Log on to the Academy’s website to obtain the necessary information for submitting nominations for ballot positions or for the Leadership Database at Past affiliate voting history for each election can be obtained on the election website at

Project Vote

Project Vote is an incentive program to help DPGs, MIGs and Affiliates engage with the Academy’s nominations and elections. DPG, MIGS and affiliates are grouped by membership into categories. The group with the highest percentage of voters in that category will receive a free registration to FNCE® each year.

View the 2019 Project Vote categories. After the election begins on Febuary 1, keep track of your affiliate's voting statistics.

View previous year, voting statistics.