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Participate in Malnutrition Study

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SCAN 2019 Symposium
The 35th annual Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) Symposium, Navigating the Path of Wellness, will be held in beautiful Phoenix, AZ, April 26-28th, 2019.
At the Symposium, you’ll join experts from the Academy’s largest dietetic practice group, SCAN, to explore evidence-driven wellness approaches and techniques complimentary to medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling in order to improve overall performance, health, and quality of life. Registration opens January 7.

Learn more:

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HIMSS19 | Champions of Health Unite
February 11-15, 2019, Orlando, FL 
The HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition brings you the world-class education, cutting-edge products and solutions, and unique networking opportunities you need to solve your biggest health information and technology challenges – all at one time, all in one place. Expand your knowledge and dive into a variety of compelling topics with HIMSS19 Healthy Aging & Technology Symposium, optional events, exhibit specialty areas, networking, and more.  
The Academy is proud to be a Collaborator of HIMSS19. As such, Academy members receive the member discount to attend! To receive the discount, go to the conference website and select “Register Now”.  Select our name from the “Conference Collaborating Organizations” drop down in the registration process, and enter the code COLLABH19”

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Transforming Vision into Action Award
Honoring Outstanding Contributions to the Dietetics Profession
The Council on Future Practice is pleased to introduce the Transforming Vision into Action Award. This award recognizes RDNs, NDTRs and their teams whose innovative programs transform a vision into nutrition and dietetics practice and/or education with future-focused outcomes. If you have launched an innovative program or product impacting dietetics, we invite you to learn more about this award. The deadline to submit is March 1, 2019

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Earn 15 Sanitation CE Hours with the FDA Food Code Online Course from ANFP
The Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals is offering Academy members a ten percent discount on the online course, Cracking the 2013 FDA Food Code, during the month of November! The course reviews the history and implementation of the code using flash cards, word searches, video clips, and other interactive media. Use code ANDNOV2018 to receive the discount. ANFP is a Commission on Dietetic Registration-accredited continuing professional education provider.

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eNCPT – Electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology
The eNCPT is an online publication containing a narrative explanation of each term used to document the Nutrition Care Process. Subscribers can use the eNCPT to provide high-quality nutrition care that encourages comprehensive assessment and individualization for individual clients and populations. Learn more about this essential resource at or contact   

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Education Bundles – Chronic Kidney Disease & End Stage Renal Diseases
Help your clients with CKD and ESRD navigate and have success on a renal diet. Renal Dietetic Practice Group (RPG)’s most popular patient education handouts are now available in two digital bundled:

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Write Better Nutrition Diagnosis (PES) Statements with Electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology (eNCPT)
eNCPT is an online publication containing a comprehensive explanation of the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) and standardized terminology, which can help improve care team communication.

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Academy Election 2019

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Be the Motivating Force for Positive Change
Inspiring and Supporting Behavior Change: A Food, Nutrition, and Health Professional’s Counseling Guide, Second Edition

This latest edition presents a step-by-step approach for guiding patients through the change and goal-setting process. Through sample dialogues and real-life scenarios, it demonstrates how to move patients past some of the hurdles they may face in reaching their health goals. Empower and inspire patients and clients to change their behavior and get on the road to improved health.

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The Blueprint for Opening and Growing Your Practice
Making Nutrition Your Business: Building a Successful Private Practice,Second Edition

This resource provides detailed advice on marketing and growing your business, billing and reimbursement, getting clients to return, and more! Written by two experienced and successful private practitioners, this edition also includes a new chapter of success stories from private practitioners and a comprehensive resources section. Making Nutrition Your business is a must-read for all dietetics professionals who aspire to go out on their own.
Build Healthy Lifestyles From the Start
Pocket Guide to Pediatric Weight Management, Second Edition

Integrating the latest pediatric weight management practice guidelines with the Nutrition Care Process, this new edition helps practitioners create individualized nutrition care blended with practical advice. Appendixes with formulas, assessment methodologies, and professional resources make this a “must-own” pocket guide for the pediatric practitioner.

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Code of Ethics for the Nturition and Dietetics Profession
The Academy and the Commission on Dietetic registration believe it is in the best interest of the profession – and the public it serves – to have a Code of Ethics that guides professional practice and conduct.

Access the new Code of Ethics and additional resources at and click on Practice.
Comprehensive Guide to Eating Disorders
Pocket Guide to Eating Disorders, Second Edition

This newly revised guide includes everything the RDN needs for nutrition assessment and intervention with an individual experiencing dysfunctional eating behaviors. Organized according to the Nutrition Care Process, Eating Disorders includes sample PES statements, DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, guidelines for providing nutrition education, communicating in diffcult situations, and much more. Most RDNs will encounter eating disorders at some point in their careers—this guide will ensure they’re prepared.

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Diverse Flavors and Healthy Meal Plans, Together at Last
Diabetes Guide to Enjoying Foods of the World 

Your clients with diabetes can still enjoy a diverse array of foods! This 72 page guide covers 11 popular Chinese, Cuban, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Moroccan, Peruvian and Thai. Practical tips and guidance are offered for each of the cuisines, including:
  • Information on native foods and flavors
  • Strategies for healthy eating
  • Recommended healthy pleasures
  • Carbohydrate and calorie amounts for popular dishes
Available as a single copy or in packs of ten at
Empower Yourself with Nutrition Informatics: Informatics in Nutrition Certificate of Training Program
Through an innovative blend of technology and information, nutrition Informatics is increasingly vital to nutrition care across all areas of practice. This online program enables nutrition professionals to apply the best informatics concepts to improve the care of those utilizing a patient centered, team approach to coordinated care.
The Level 2 program consists of ­five separate modules that build on each other:
  • Module 1: Overview of Informatics at the Academy, Academy Resources and Tools
  • Module 2: “Data Follows the Patient”: Interoperability, Patient Generated Data, Protected Health Information, Security and Ethics
  • Module 3: Communications: Current Capabilities and Future Endeavors: Social Media, Telehealth, the Direct Project, and Blue Button
  • Module 4: Nutrition in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Technology
  • Module 5: Analytical Skills: Data Big and Small
Academy members enjoy a reduced rate of $24 for each module or may complete all five modules and earn 10.0 hours of CPEUs for $120.

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Easy Access to the Evidence Analysis Library Guideline Recommendations

Introducing practical quick-reference tools for your pocket or electronic device. Get graded recommendations for screening, referral, assessment, intervention and monitoring of the special nutritional needs of your patients. Learn More!
Feeding the World

Infographic on issues and solutions for food and nutrition professionals.

The Food and Nutrition Gold Standard, Now More Comprehensive than Ever
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food & Nutrition
Guide, Fifth Edition
Roberta L. Duyff, MS, RDN, FAND, CFCS

Whether addressing nutrition questions from clients, consumers, students, or others, this is the ultimate resource for communicating science-based advice and answers on a myriad of topics. The latest edition has been completely updated to reflect the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, current Academy positions, and the most up-to-date and authoritative public health guidelines.

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Gain Your Competitive Advantage with the Executive Management Certificate of Training Program

Brought to you by the Center for Lifelong Learning, this online certificate of training program will demonstrate how executive management positions impact the profession of dietetics today and into the future. The Level 2 program consists of four separate modules that build on each other:
  • Module 1: Impact on the Profession and Use in Different Practice Settings
  • Module 2: Managerial Communication: Why it Matters
  • Module 3: Career Laddering and Succession Planning
  • Module 4: Using Strategic Management to Enhance the Professional Competitive Advantage

Academy members enjoy a reduced rate of $24 for each module or may complete all four modules and earn 8.0 hours of CPEUs for $96.

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Get on the Healthy Track with the Latest Tech
Bits and Bytes: A Guide to Digitally Tracking Your Food, Fitness and Health

The number of digital health tools have increased rapidly in recent years,
and more health professionals are recommending their use. Digitally
tracking your food and finess habits has many benefits – it's fast, easy,
comprehensive and fun. From tech expert to novice, this accessible guide
describes how to get started with digital health tracking and choose the
right resources to achieve your personal health goals.

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Healthy You, Healthy Baby
Expect the Best: Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy, Second Edition
Elizabeth M. Ward, MS, RD
Expect the Best is an updated and comprehensive guide for new and future parents that addresses nutrition and lifestyle habits, from preconception to post-delivery. This new edition translates the latest research and expert recommendations into clear and concise advice on how to have the healthiest baby possible. Expect the Best is a complete resource that helps parents make the best choices throughout the entire pregnancy journey.

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Hispanic Family Nutrition Complete Counseling Kit
Hispanic Family Nutrition is an online counseling kit designed to help RDs treat Hispanic patients more effectively through a better understanding of Hispanic culture, family dynamics, and foods.
  • Off­ers information to help RDNs gain a better understanding of Hispanic families and foods to be able to connect with and treat patients more eff­ectively.
  • Includes a comprehensive guide to Hispanic foods, featuring Hispanic “Hero” Foods
  • Provides references illustrating English and Spanish names for foods and a guide to Hispanic produce – including photos, shopping and preparation tips.
  • Suggests strategies for changing habits in the kitchen and at the table; including recommendations for healthy alternatives to common cooking techniques or dining habits of Hispanics.
It's Never Too Late to Eat Right and Exercise the Smart Way
Food & Fitness after 50: Eat Well, Move Well, Be Well
This book translates the latest science on aging, nutrition, and exercise into simple, actionable steps. Packed with real-life stories, practical advice, and successful tips, Food & Fitness After 50 helps readers create a personalized road map for getting healthy and staying healthy.
The authors share years of nutrition and exercise knowledge to over a common-sense approach that helps readers control their food choices and fitness strategies while navigating their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. Learn to embrace aging, accept the challenges, and gain the confidence to eat well, move well, and be well.
Improve the Health of a Child with This Practice Guide
If Your Child Is Overweight: A Guide for Parents, Fourth Edition

This straightforward and easy-to-read resource helps parents and RDNs address the challenges an overweight child faces. Complete with sample menus and practical tips, families will learn to set realistic goals, enjoy physical activities together, prepare healthy meals at home, and make smart food choices. The guide’s compassionate and understanding tone equips parents to overcome any hurdle their child may face on the path to improved health and happiness.

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In Need of a Good Resource? Try the Quality Resource Collection
With over a 100 different resources listed, the Quality Resource Collection serves to develop quality management knowledge and skills as a critical component of nutrition and dietetics practice. This collection published by the Academy’s Quality Management Committee, includes resources used in practice by the Quality Leader Alliance and reflects their areas of expertise.

Access the Quality Resource Collection.
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The Latest Gluten-Free Strategies, In Your Hands Pocket Guide to Gluten-Free Strategies for Clients with Multiple Diet Restrictions, Second Edition

The essential gluten-free resource for RDNs on-the-go provides
recommendations, food lists, menus, and resources needed to effectively combine a gluten-free diet with meal planning for diet restrictions. Updated with the most current evidence-based information, the new edition includes information on the 2013 FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Guidelines and expanded coverage of screening and testing for gluten intolerances.

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Learn and Earn OnDemand
The Center for Lifelong Learnings Webinar Series is the perfect way to expand your practice skills and learn about late-breaking developments in dietetics while earning Continuing Professional Education Units, all at your convenience. Live webinars offer opportunities to interact with leading food and nutrition practitioners, and recorded events make online education available anytime.

For more information on upcoming webinars and recorded events, visit
Make Every Minute Count
15-Minute Consultation: Tips, Tools, and Activities to Make

Your Nutrition Counseling More Effective
This useful handbook shows the RDN how to quickly and effectively counsel clients with information that will stick. Written by a health
literacy expert, the book provides succinct and practical examples from the situations RDNs most commonly see. Readers will be able to use this handbook "as-is" or modified for a particular situation.

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Nutrition Care Manual Products
The Nutrition Care Manual products (NCM, PNCM and SNCM) are interest-based diet manuals and professional practice resources for registered dietitian nutritionist; nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered; and allied health professionals. NCM products are purchased by annual subscription and give you online access to evidence-and knowledge-based nutrition information that keeps you current and compliant.

More information at
Nutrition Care of the Older Adult, Third Edition

Over 20 experts in the field give you the latest evidence-based info for providing sound food and nourishment guidance for aging adults.Among the many updates addressed in this cutting-edge edition are
strategies for implementing the updated Nutrition Care Process; developing systems to implement quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI); and addressing recent changes in Medicare and health-care reform.

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One-Stop Guide to Lipid Disorders, Diabetes and More
Pocket Guide to Lipid Disorders, Hypertension, Diabetes and Weight Management, Second Edition

This indispensable resource helps you prioritize nutrition interventions for lipid disorders, hypertension, diabetes and weight management that will be most effective in reducing risk of disease complications. Organized according to the Nutrition Care Process, this comprehensive guide includes assessment tools, sample PES statements, guidelines for nutrition education and more. Handy appendixes with common formulas and tools make this a true, one-stop pocket guide.

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Your RDN Exam Success Starts Here
  • More than 900 questions
  • Unlimited access to three full-length practice exams
  • Performance stats to identify your strengths and target weaknesses before exam day
  • Two additional full-length practice exams and more than 500 flashcards coming in early 2018
  • And much more!
Gain the edge to pass the exam and begin your career in dietetics with eatrightPREP. Learn more at
Step Up Your Sports and Fitness Nutrition Game
Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals, Sixth Edition
This renowned and long-standing reference overs timely research and evidence-based advice for health professionals working with athletes at all levels. Written and reviewed by esteemed sports RDNs and exercise experts, this comprehensive resource incorporates theoretical and practical information with key takeaways designed for easy implementation in daily practice. Now in full color, the brand-new edition of Sports Nutrition explores all areas of sports and fitness nutrition for both the seasoned and novice dietitian. It also serves as an excellent text for sports nutrition courses and a study aid for the CSSD specialty exam. Includes 4 CPE hours.
Take the Dynamic Approach to Nutrition Counseling Hands-on Nutrition Education
Teaching Healthy Eating Skills Through Experiential Learning

This guide illustrates how to turn theory into practice when counseling
clients on healthy eating. Hands-on nutrition, or HONE, actively engages the participant through observation and actual hands-on completion of tasks. Learn practical guidelines for different types of HONE activities including food demonstrations, grocery store tours, cooking classes, and the development and management of institutional HONE programs.

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Updated! The Coding and Billing Handbook: A Guide for Program Directors and Preceptors
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Services Coverage Committee is happy to announce that the Coding and Billing Handbook: A Guide for Program Directors and Preceptors has been updated! This electronic resource (free to Academy members and $40 for non-members) has been widely used and is designed for a variety of clinical practice settings. Reviewed and tested by educators, preceptors and dietetic interns, the handbook provides sample case studies, vocabulary and resources to help interns achieve competency in coding and billing for nutrition services. The content can also help RDNs new to coding and billing for MNT services set up and implement processes in both health care facilities and private practice.

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You've Chosen Your Career, Now Choose to Shine!
Launching Your Career in Nutrition and Dietetics: How to Thrive in the Classroom, the Internship, and Your First Job, Second Edition

The perfect resource for students, interns, and recent graduates has been updated! This comprehensive guidebook will walk you through every step in becoming the best and most effective RDN you can be. You’ll learn how to navigate coursework and internship applications, tips for passing the registration exam, strategies for landing your first job, and much more to help you successfully launch your career.

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Revised Academy Definition of Terms

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