Gov Comp: Governing Documents Library


Governing Documents Library

The Governing Documents Library provides the opportunity for DPG, MIG, and Affiliates to share governing documents with other DPGs, MIGs, and Affiliates. The library is also a convenient way to store and track documents for your organization.

If your organization is ready to upload your governing documents, but is in need of templates, access the applicable documents below.

 Mission and Vision

 Bylaws and Guiding Principles

 Strategic Plan (Word Version or Excel Version)

 Committee and Position Descriptions (Volunteer Structure)


The Governing Documents Library is password word protected. DPG, MIG, and affiliate chairs, presidents and executive directors have the ability to log into the library to view or upload files. Contact your organization's leader when your documents are ready to be added to the library or if you would like to see examples from other DPG, MIGs or affiliates.