Gov Comp: Strategic Plan: Leadership in Strategic Planning

Leadership in Strategic Planning
Building the organization upon a sound strategic plan requires strong leadership. However, the leadership role within volunteer organizations is fluid as term limits end and new volunteers fill positions. A lack of continuity can affect the strategic direction of an organization if the executive committee or board is not fully engaged in the vision of the organization. The future of any volunteer organization depends on the leadership of all board members, not one individual.
  • As a governing body, it is essential that the strategic direction of the organization is evaluated annually through the strategic planning process with a comprehensive review every three to five years. 
  • The leadership team must stay focused and provide the guidance to decide which industry changes and member needs require response from the organization while maintaining the uniqueness of the practice group or affiliate and avoiding potential distractions.
  • The leader of the organization must guide the decision-making and recognize that making choices is essential - choices about what NOT to do as well as what TO DO.
  • Building leadership skills of volunteers within any volunteer organization strengthens the organization as an entity. Strong leaders build strong organizations.  Staying committed to leadership development is essential in implementing a strategic driven organization.