Training and Resources: Management Services Program

Academy Support
Managing an association successfully is no small feat. Some days may feel like you are treading water. Or, maybe you feel you need years of experience or magic fairy dust to keep track of everything. Fortunately, association management is not rocket science if you know the formulas to success. And the Academy is here to help with those formulas!

DPGs and MIGs
DPGs and MIGs should contact their assigned DPG or MIG Relations Manager to help explain governing documents and how to use the templates available on this website. The DPG/MIG Relations Manager should be involved in the process of developing governing documents to ensure that decisions are approved and aligned with the Academy.
As defined in the Principles of Affiliation agreement the affiliate organizations have autonomy to implement their own bylaws and policies. The agreement also states that the affilates and the Academy share certain criteria, benefits, and goals. Because of this relationship, the Academy provides training and support to help affiliate leaders lead successful organizations. When using this website to navigate governing documents, the affiliate should contact the Sr. Manager of Affiliate Relations to receive guidance and support.


Need MORE help?

The Academy is pleased to offer a contracted administrative management program for DPGs, MIGs, and affiliates. The program supports the Academy’s groups through dedicated, paid staffing with unique and direct access to Academy resources.
Each DPG, MIG, or affiliate participating in the program is partnered with an Academy staff member on the DPG/MIG/Affiliate Relations Team who works directly with the group to fulfill project specific work or year-round administrative support. Whether the executive committee or board is looking for a new executive director or just in need of support for a special project, the Academy can help. (Note, this is additional support above and beyond the assistance already provided by the DPG/MIG Manager or Affiliate Sr. Manager.)

Program Offerings
  • Full Service, Year-Round Association Management
  • Meeting/Conference Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Governing Document Revision Support (bylaws, policies, procedures, etc)
  • Leadership/Volunteer Training and Development
  • Transition Planning
  • Speaking Opportunities (on above topics either in-person or via webinar)
Additional services to the contract can be negotiated as needed.  


How Does the Program Work?
The dedicated Academy staff member is trained and experienced with association and volunteer management. The individual will provide understanding of association law and legal requirements for the DPG, MIG, or affiliate.
Once the DPG, MIG, or affiliate begins work with the Academy staff, an assessment will be done to gauge the status of current projects and organizational health. Together the DPG, MIG, or affiliate and the staff person will develop a plan of action. The hours and scope of work are customized based on the DPG, MIG, or affiliate needs, which can be updated as needs change.
The Academy staff will leverage technology to communicate via conference calls, email, skype, webinars, etc. to ensure efficient planning and execution of services. The Academy will coordinate with the DPG, MIG, or affiliate to meet the needs of in-person meetings.
The group leaders are welcome and encouraged to communicate expectations of services and share feedback with the Academy. The DPG/MIG chair or affiliate president will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey bi-annually to ensure success of the program.

Academy Unique Benefits
  • Knowledge of the Academy services, programs, policies, procedures and requirements.
  • Knowledge of Academy’s resources and vision.
  • Ability to work directly with other Academy teams on issues, concerns, and projects.
  • Coverage for the affiliate when dedicated staff is out of office.
  • Shared commitment to support successful outcomes of the affiliate.
  • Ability to knowledge share from affiliate to affiliate.

Fees and Getting Started
Fees for services vary based on the type of program offering and are competitively based. To inquire about rates, questions, or how to get started contact the Academy. Please contact Amy Biedenharn, Director DPG/MIG/Affiliate Relations ( with any questions.  
A template for creating a Request for Proposals (RFP) is available for download here.
If the DPG/MIG executive committee or affiliate board chooses to move forward with the Academy’s services, a contractual agreement will be developed to detail the services. Agreements may begin at any point during the year and be cancelled by either party with 30 day’s notice. Multi-year contracts (up to 5 years), with the option to opt out after the first twelve (12) months, are also available.

Affiliate Fine Print
Academy Affiliate Administrative Management staff is not authorized to serve as an approved representative of the affiliate. Any communications with outside groups, vendors, contractors, etc. is strictly for logistical and planning purposes only to help facilitate the activities of the affiliate, and does not include solicitation of sponsors or materials. All financial transactions will continue to be handled by the affiliate.