Gov Comp: Strategic Plan: Planning and Conducting a Strategic Planning Meeting

Planning and Conducting a Meeting

Initiating the Planning Meeting

The current leaders (chair or president), along with staff (if available), are responsible for initiating the strategic process with the strategic planning committee. Initiating the process does not mean that the current leaders must facilitate and develop the plan. It is the responsibility of the leadership team to determine depth of planning needed, financial resources available and who should participate on the strategic planning committee. 

Planning a Strategic Planning Meeting

Planning a strategic planning meeting includes several variables to consider, such as the time required for the meeting, the location of the meeting, what time of year to host the meeting and whether the committee members will need to meet in person or if a virtual meeting would be appropriate.

Time Required
The length of the meeting will depend on depth of planning needed and time/financial restraints. The time required for the planning process will vary according to:
  • What type of strategic plan is currently in existence.
  • Effectiveness of the current plan and time span of the plan.
A thorough strategic planning process is usually completed every three to five years and may require up to a year to complete. Once a sound strategic plan is developed and is kept current, with annual reviews and revisions, the future planning process will require less time.
For annual reviews, a one-half to one-day planning session is appropriate with follow-up by designated volunteers, staff or a consultant to revise and communicate the plan.
Location of the Meeting
Location of the meeting will depend on size of group, accessibility, centralized location and financial restraints.     

When to Host the Meeting
The strategic planning meeting should take place prior to budget planning for the coming year. The direction determined while strategic planning will play a key role in the development of the plan or work and budget.

In-Person versus Virtual Meetings
The strategic planning committee should determine if the meeting will be held in-person or virtually. Updates, small changes, or status check-ins may be accomplished virtually whereas planning meetings that involve lengthy discussions are more effective when held in-person. The executive committee or board should review potential costs of the strategic planning committee when building the annual program of work and budget.