Gov Comp: Vol Structure: Succession Plan Guidelines

Succession Plan Guidelines
Every organization benefits from having plans to facilitate leader succession planning. Preparing for leaders to end their term and new volunteers to start their term ensures that strategic goals and projects of the organization continue.
Succession plans should include:
  1. Skill sets needed for the incoming volunteer
  2. Probable programming activities for the position in the next year and the corresponding skill sets.
  3. When leaders should begin to identify successors.
  4. Steps taken once a successor is identified.
    1. Who approves the filled position?
    2. Who extends the official invitation to volunteer?
      1. Should it be done in person or by phone?
    3. When does training begin and what does it entail?

Outgoing/Incoming Officer Checklist for Transfer of Documents

Vital to the effective operation of a DPG, MIG, or affiliate is a smooth transfer of information between incoming and outgoing leaders. The items listed below shall be forwarded to incoming officers. Documents in electronic format are preferred to reduce shipping costs and storage issues.
  1. Committee reports, minutes, correspondence, and agenda packets
  2. Newsletters/sample publications (copies are often retained on the website)
  3. Program of work/Budget
  4. Guiding Principles or Bylaws
  5. Strategic plan
  6. Organizational chart
  7. Officer position descriptions
  8. Correspondence files
  9. Special project files
  10. Financial records
  11. Incoming/outgoing officer lists
  12. Applicable policies and procedures