Gov Comp: Bylaws and Guiding Principles

Bylaws and Guiding Principles
Bylaws (Affiliates) or Guiding Principles (DPGs and MIGs) are the rules and methods that an organization follows to ensure legality and productivity. A well planned and clear structure will take out the guess work and corruption of an organization. Bylaws or Guiding Principles include, but are not limited to, the officers of the organization, rights and liabilities of membership, powers and duties of officers, how directors are elected, and how meetings are conducted.

Bylaws or Guiding Principles are a contract among members and must be formally adopted/and or amended. As defined in the bylaws or guiding principles, a member vote is required to approve amendments. Bylaws and Guiding Principles should be reviewed yearly. A committee (which includes some executive committee or board members) should review the document.

Take a look at the Academy's Bylaws.

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Bylaws and Guiding Principles