Academy Programs: FNCE

Academy Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo™
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual conference registration has varied over the years depending upon a number of factors, including but not limited to location, state of the economy, and public safety.


Latest Information!
FNCE® may seem like many months away, but planning is under way! The Academy is using a FNCE® Planning Portal this year to request FNCE® event space at Academy properties (Marriot Marquis Hotel (HQ), Renaissance Hotel and the Convention Center). This new tool will help us all stay organized through the FNCE® planning process.

The Special Function Request are due March 23 to request meeting space. To submit your request, follow access step-by-step instructions.
Go to,

This space request ONLY applies if you want to request meeting space at the Academy headquarters hotel and convention center. If your affiliate is planning an event at a restaurant or separate venue you do not need to request the event space through this link, you may plan that event on your own. If you are, requesting space at one of the Academy properties, after space assignments have been made by the Academy planning team, you will be put in contact with the venue to accord the rest of the planning process.

FNCE® Trademark
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics retains the trademark use of the name Food & Nutrition Conference & ExpoTM and FNCE®. Trademarking the names provides exclusive rights to the Academy for usage of both names.

Trademarking Food & Nutrition Conference & ExpoTM and FNCE® distinguishes the event as solely an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics event, and helps eliminate any confusion with members, speakers, and exhibitors.  Affiliate organizations are not permitted to use “Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo” or “FNCE” in the name of affiliate meetings.

VIP Housing for all Boards
The Academy, Foundation, ACEND, CDR, ANDPAC Boards of Directors, Affiliate Presidents and DPG/MIG Chairs and Chairs-Elect are in the Priority Housing Block for FNCE. The VIP list receives benefits access to book travel and registration

FNCE® Rebate
The affiliate in the host state of FNCE will receive a rebate payment from the Academy based on attendance.

FNCE® Promotion
The FNCE® 2018 Toolkit will be available soon to help educate members about the event through Print Advertisements, Social Media, Web Banners and Email Signatures. You may access and download these resources on the FNCE® website at

Content includes:
  • Invest in Your Career: Attend FNCE®
  • Stay on the Cutting Edge of Dietetics
  • Benefit from Outcomes-Based Education
  • Attending FNCE® Delivers Position ROI
  • Talk FNCE® to Your Employer
  • What’s in Store at FNCE®
Looking Forward
The Academy's overall goal in selecting a FNCE host city is finding a location that fits the annual meeting and maximizes the attendance. A few of the goals that drive FNCE planning are:
1. Choosing the highest rated cities that is also fiscally responsible.
2. FNCE must be in the month of October. One of the key elements was being consistent each year. Our members need to be able to count on FNCE being in October (we could change, but, in doing so, all FNCE dates should change). This has not happened in the past. FNCE has been, in recent years, in September, October and November. As we add and subtract cities, we were successful in meeting this goal.
3. Begin the process of a five year rotation. Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Boston repeat twice over the next fifteen years. In order to leverage better deals with the convention bureaus and hotels, these cities provided options on future years. Since most of these locations have historically high attendance and profitable locations, choosing these cities to become a part of any rotation made financial sense and met our criteria. In the event something changes, we can adjust the future agreements to allow for other cities. If our goal is to increase attendance and profitability, the Academy will need to determine which cities should fill in the remaining rotation.
The Academy has contracted for dates and space for future FNCE events.

Schedule of Future FNCE® Sites
October 20-23, 2018
Washington, DC
October 26-29, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
October 17-20
Indianapolis, IN
October 16-19
New Orleans, LA
October 8-11
Orlando, FL
October 14-17
Denver, CO

Access for more information about FNCE.