Training and Resources: Data Management System DMIS

Data Management System (DMIS)
Member Contact Information & Reports
The Academy’s Data Management Information System (DMIS) ( allows DPGs, MIGs and affiliates to access membership records and records of dietetics professionals. The system updates daily so that any new information entered by Academy Headquarters is included.
Basic Functions:
  • View individual member/non-member data. (non-member data only available for Affiliates based on state of residence)
  • Produce membership directories.
  • Analyze member/non-member statistical reports.
  • Create user-defined fields to track information related to the DPG, MIG or affiliate. For example, an Affiliate could assign a district or a state practice group.
How to Access the Database
The DMIS website is password protected with unique access for each DPG, MIG or affiliate. At the start of the Academy's membership year in June, DPG and MIG chairs and affiliate Presidents receive an email with information to login. Chairs and Presidents may decide who on the leadership team needs access to the database. The Academy encourages leaders to protect the access information to only those that need it has member profile information is saved in the website.

To learn more about how to maximize DMIS, view a brief DMIS tutorial training or access a tutorial including screen shots.